Crossroads Connection Groups

Despite our large gatherings for worship services, we still have plenty to offer to help you connect with people just like you. We've found the key to meaningful relationships and spiritual growth is in small groups.

We do offer "Sunday School" classes which we call Connection Groups. These groups all meet before the Sunday morning services at either 8:00 am or 9:30 am. We've found that joining a Connection Group really helps one to grow, so find a Connection Group that fits you and come participate.

8:00 AM

Class Name Location Ages Leader(s)
The CORE Room 5107 18-22 Sandie Parazine, Director
Randy Parazine, Teacher

9:30 AM

Class Name Location Ages Leader(s)
R.U.S.H. Room 5103/5105 18-22 Lyn Best, Director
Glenn Best, Teacher