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Divorce Recovery Ministry - Wednesdays
When: Starting May 6, 2015
Wednesdays Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm in room 4103
Registration is not required

This Wednesday, May 6, we begin a summer session of divorce recovery called DivorceCare. The class will consist of a video each week, followed by group discussion time.  Each video covers a topic designed to help the individual experiencing divorce.  The first two sessions are “What’s Happening to Me?” and “The Road to Healing/Finding Help.”  No matter where you are in this process, this program is designed to help you and encourage you in Jesus' name.  Join us in room 4103, 6:00–8:00pm Wednesday nights.  

Olive's Divorce Recovery ministry is designed to help you pick up the pieces and begin a process of recovery in your life. It is Biblically based encouragement and guidance offered to those who are looking for answers and support through this difficult time. It is possible for someone who is going through divorce to become a healthy, happy person again.
The directors of the class are Stephen and Michelle Shelby.
Divorce Recovery Flyer

Divorce Recovery - Sonya Daniel

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