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    Upcoming Events

    Oct 26


    Oct 27


    They’re here! The annual compilation of daily teachings by leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention and a beautiful children’s bedtime story book are available for purchase. Both feature a week of devotionals written by Pastor Traylor. These are available in the main office during the week and in the foyer on Sundays. The cost is $10 each and they are available on a first come/first served basis.

    Nov 1

    Widows BBQ

    Nov 2

    Vision Gathering

    Sunday, November 2, is Vision Gathering Sunday. Connection Groups will be grouped together and will gather in designated rooms to watch a short video about our upcoming capital campaign. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more details about Pastor’s vision for our new middle school building and fellowship hall. Flyers containing times, room numbers and other details are available in the foyer.

    Nov 8

    Holiday Baking

    Take a holiday baking class with Chef Bob! Tickets are on sale now in the kitchen for $10. The class will be held Saturday, November 8, from 10:00am to noon.

    Nov 8


    Come together Saturday, November 8, with your connections group and spend an appointed time (30 minutes per class) praying for specific needs. Each class will have focused prayer topics as we seek God’s will during the RELAUNCH Capital Campaign process. We are asking His blessing on future events and ministry opportunities through the middle school education building and fellowship hall. If you have not yet signed up, please call your connection group director.

    Nov 9

    Vision Gathering

    If you missed one of the November 2 morning Vision Gatherings, this is your chance to learn about the upcoming Capital Campaign. We will gather Sunday evening, November 9, in Passmore Hall at 5:30pm to watch a short video followed by an informational Q & A session. You will have the opportunity to learn more details about Pastor’s vision for our new middle school building and fellowship hall. Don't miss this last chance to be fully informed about Relaunch.

    Nov 16

    Operation Christmas Child

    Bring a smile to a child's heart by participating in Operation Christmas Child. A table is available in the foyer for purchasing shoe boxes for $1 each through November 9.