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Monday, October 13, 2014

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! No, it does not mean back down or run away…it means “PURSUE” righteousness, faith, love and peace! Our retreat this weekend is centered around 2 Timothy 2:22. I’m looking forward to a great weekend! Here are some details:

  • Middle School Retreat:
    • We leave at 5:30pm. Try to eat before you come…but we’ll have a snack once we arrive.
    • Do not bring anything electronic…we are disconnecting for the weekend…it may sound scary, but you’ll love it!
    • Bring bed stuff…sheets, pillows, covers…and some toiletries…yes that means deodorant!!!
    • Bring your real, hard copy Bible…I know you have one. If not, one will be provided for you:)…and a notebook and pen.
    • Bring your teams color for the PURSUIT: Green – 6th ; Blue – 7th; Red – 8th; Orange – leaders.
  • Due to our return from the retreat, we will not have BAM and HIS (Bible studies)…Our weary leaders need some rest:)
– Chris

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Enjoy arcade games right here!

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What is Fusion?

The Bible says that through Jesus Christ, we are fused together as a body of believers. We must be in Christ to be fused together with other believers. Our main goal in Fusion is for students to come to a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Next, it is our goal to help students live for God and to be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ. By conforming to Christ, students will discover God’s unique plan and will for their lives so that they can live out God’s purpose that He has for each of them, while at the same time, they are being “fused” together by His Son.

So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

– Romans 12:5

Sunday School Connection Groups

We do offer "Sunday School" classes which we call Connection Groups. These groups all meet before the Sunday morning services at either 8:00 am or 9:30 am. We've found that joining a Connection Group really helps one to grow, so find a Connection Group that fits you and come participate.

8:00 AM

Class Name Location Leader(s)
6th-12th Grade Room 5212 Cheryl Tidwell, Director
Mike Lawlis, Teacher

9:30 AM

Class Name Location Leader(s)
6th Grade Room 5204/5206 Joe & MeMe Smith, Directors
Teachers (Boys):
Russ Orr
Ron Riles, John Russo
Scott Cole, William Behrends
Teachers (Girls):
Kelly Orr, Melanie Behrends
Linda Bryant, Nicole Colony, Rosanny Witter
7th Grade Room 5204/5206

Chuck & Brandi Vinson, Directors
Teachers (Boys):
Curtis Ford
Ryan Kirkland
Teachers (Girls):
Tonya Johnson
Tori Watson

8th Grade Room 5204/5206 Paul & Michelle Wilson, Directors
Teachers (Boys):
Barry Roberson, Mike Robinson
Eddy Bledsoe
Mike Connell, Dale Hall
Teachers (Girls):
Melissa Roberson, LeAnn Connell
Kelly Payne, Raelyn Latchaw