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Saturday, September 21 at Olive

9:00am - 3:00pm

Join us for a day filled with energy, exercise, motivation and fun.

Do you want to find that energy you seem to have lost?

Do you want to find balance and take control of your own life?

Do you want to lose that weight and keep it off?

Do you want to incorporate good nutrition into every day of your life?

Joyce Ainsworth

Joyce Ainsworth, who lost 192 lbs, will join us for the event.

Special Guest Speakers

Carole Lewis

Carole is the national director of First Place 4 Health, the Christ-centered healthy living program. A member of the original First Place group that began in 1981, she has seen the program grow from 12 groups in one church to thousands of members at more than 12,000 churches throughout the nation and in many foreign countries.

Carole is a popular speaker and author of 15 book, including the recently released Live Life Right Here, Right Now! Carole leads conferences, Christian spas, workshops and seminars with an emphasis on personal and spiritual balance, fitness, encouragement and temperament analysis. Her audiences know her as warm, transparent, honest and humorous.


Vicki Heath

Vicki is the First Place 4 Health Associate Director and an A.C.E. Certified Fitness Professional, as well as the author of Don’t Quit Get Fit.  She has been involved in First Place 4 Health for many years and has led both adult and teen groups at her church. Vicki speaks at conferences and fitness weeks about the latest fitness trends, staying motivated and she helps people develop their own personal fitness plan.  Vicki is also a Body & Soul Fitness instructor and has participated in two of the First Place 4 Health fitness DVD’s.



The price includes lunch, snacks and materials.

For more information on this event, contact Ginger Mitten at 850.475.3165 or For more information on First Place 4 Health, visit

The First Place 4 Health Program

First Place 4 Health is a life-changing, Christ-centered weight-loss and healthy living program. Men and women of all ages who want to lose excess weight, lower cholesterol, learn better eating habits or become more disciplined in the areas of prayer, Bible study and exercise regardless of weight, level of fitness or spirituality are encouraged to join.

Although weight management is most often our motivation for joining a First Place 4 Health group, the focus is not just on the body or on the number on the scale. That’s a crucial difference between First Place 4 Health and other weight-loss programs. By applying disciplines that affect the whole person—the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit—you will not only experience physical health but will also experience total health—health for life! The program runs 12 weeks per session. Members meet weekly for an hour and 15 minutes per meeting.

We have classes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Call us at 850.476.1932 for details.

You can learn more about the program by visiting