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Oradea dates back to a small 10th century castle, while its bishopric was founded during the 11th century by King Ladislaus I of Hungary. Partnering with Dr. Paul Negrut of Emanuel University in Oradea, seminary trained teams will assist in discipling future church leaders commissioned to Eastern Europe for the gospel.

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Next Trip to Romania: July 11-20, 2013


In November of 2000 Dr. Traylor, Stan Lewis, and Dennis Wilson first went to Romania at the invitation of the staff from Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania. From the moment that they met the Romanians these men knew that God had ordained the trip and a close partnership would develop between Olive and Emmanuel.

In the years since, many teams have gone to Emanuel to teach the students at the university and to preach and minister in the local churches. In addition, other teams have gone to support the work of local churches under the auspices of Emanuel University. Emanuel is one of the few accredited evangelical universities in Europe and they have several hundred students from nearly a dozen countries studying in their programs. Under the leadership of Dr. Paul Negrut the school has grown and their educational tracks include pastoral ministry, missions, social work, and business.

In addition to the school Olive has also worked closely with Dr. Elijah Soritau who serves at Emanuel and who was trained in the U.S. Elijah and his wife, Raelene, have developed a ministry to terminally ill children and their families through their personal journey of cancer affecting the life of one of their children, Tori.

Romania Trip 2013 Summary

Our trip to Oradea, Romania had 2 main objectives: 1) light construction at Emmanuel University and 2) VBS in the village of Mierlau, working with Elijah Soritau at his church. We also were able to spend some time one morning with some children in hospice care.

Emmanuel University—We spent each morning Monday through Thursday painting dorm suites (one suite had two rooms, a small kitchen area and a bathroom). We were able to accomplish our goal of completing two suites by breaking into two teams of three with the last day being spent touching up areas that may have needed to be repainted and cleaning up. Overall, both suites looked very good and with the carpet scheduled to be replaced the following week both suites should be ready for students in the fall.

VBS—The team spent each afternoon in the village of Mierlau doing VBS. We had between 55-60 kids every day, which far exceeded Pastor Elijah’s expectations of 30 students. Pastor Elijah estimated that there were 30 children from his church with another 25-30 new children from the village. On Thursday night we held a church service where all the children were encouraged to invite their parents and there were 5-6 families that the Pastor had never seen before in attendance. We used the Slip Disk material which tells a different part of the gospel message each day: Day 1-For God So Loved the World—Creation, Day 2-Oops There is a Problem—Sin, Day 3-The Solution—Jesus’ death on the Cross, Day 4-Forgiveness A Gift / Get Growing—Accepting Jesus and growing in your faith. The Slip Disk is a Frisbee that tells the gospel message on the underside of the disk. Each student was given a Frisbee to keep on Thursday. Our afternoons consisted of singing a song both in English and in Romanian, story time, arts / crafts and recreation.

Hospice—On Wednesday morning two of the ladies on the trip got to visit two spearate homes of children who are currently under hospice care. They were able to meet with the children and do a small craft project—making Salvation Bracelets. The entire team then met at Emmanuel Hospice for Art Therapy with children who are either currently under hospice care or have a family member under in hopsice. We colored, did a visual story that got the children to use their imaginations and made Salvation Bracelets with the group.

Overall, this was a great trip and the team worked very well together. It is always a struggle to communicate with people who don’t speak the same language as you, but it is always fun to try as everyone begins to laugh, smile and make hand gestures to try to explain themselves. Hearing 60 Romanian children sing “God Is So Good” in both English and Romanian was an amazing experience to say the least. God is indeed good and ever faithful!

Glenn Best, missionary to Romania
July 31, 2013

Romania Stats
Language: Romanian
Population: 21,277,000
Evangelical Christians: 5.1%
Major Religions: Non-religious: 3.4%; Islam: .7%; Christianity 95.8%
Unreached People Groups: 5

Romania 2013 Photos

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