Helpful Hints

Many times we are asked how parents can best help their child transition into the Preschool Ministry at Olive. To help us care for your preschooler and ensure a positive experience for everyone, we suggest the following:

  • Label Everything! (Child, coat, cup, bottle, pacifier, etc.)
  • Provide a change of clothes (Accidents do happen)
  • Pack a sippie cup for toddlers
  • Pre-mix all bottles (Sorry, we cannot spoon-feed solids)
  • Follow our procedures for safety and security
  • Volunteer! (Getting involved in our ministry is one of the best ways to make your child feel more comfortable!)
  • Adopt our Good Health Guidelines


Is there a place where I can nurse my baby?

Absolutely! We are pleased to offer a private nursing room located in the nursery suite of the Simmons’ building.

What if my child cries?

Your child’s comfort is one of our top priorities. All preschoolers experience “separation anxiety” from time to time; it’s perfectly normal! Typically, it is best to offer a quick “goodbye” and verbally reassure your child that you will return. We will gladly page you if your preschooler doesn’t settle within the time limit that you prefer.

Will any food be served in the preschool classes?

Bottles should be pre-mixed and will be served according to the parent(s)’ directions. Due to time constraints, our staff is unable to spoon-feed infants except during Mothers’ Day Out. Cheerios are provided in our toddler classes and a variety of snacks (Goldfish, animal crackers, graham crackers, pretzels, and saltines) are served with water to our two year olds and up. Our ministry has adopted a “peanut-free” environment by only purchasing snacks without nuts and that are manufactured in a “peanut-free” facility. If your child has any known allergies, please advise the teacher and complete an “Allergy Alert” nametag on each visit.

Do you dispense medicine if needed?

With the exception of a medically necessary “epi-pen” for life-threatening allergic reactions, we do not administer medications.