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2015 Soccer Registration Form

2015 Coach & Umpire Application Form


How do I register?
Register at the ROC (Recreational Outreach Center) located at Olive Baptist Church, or online at

Where do I take my registration form?
Registration forms can be dropped off at the ROC on Mondays, tuesdays or Fridays, between 7am and 8pm, and Wednesdays, between 8am and Noon.

When: Registration begins June 21 | Deadline for regsitration is August 10
Cost: Registration cost per child for soccer is $80 | Soccer shorts are optional at a cost of $20
Note: Late order shorts will incur additional shipping costs.

Make checks payable to Olive Baptist Church when registering.
Credit Cards are accepted with an additional $3 fee.
Any request for a refund will be considered minus any fee and/or product cost.

Upward Soccer At Olive

Who: Boys & Girls Coed | Ages 4 to 14 | Various Age Groups.

What is Upward Soccer?
Upward Soccer programs will introduce young athletes to the game at an early age and quickly enable them to build their skills, speed, strength, and stamina. Upward Soccer players will develop mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially, into total athletes who excel both on and off the field.

When: Soccer practice begins in September, games begin in October, and the season concludes by the end of November.

Program Schedule

Registration Deadline | August 10
Coaches Meeting | Thursday, August 20 | 6pm
Parents Meeting | Tuesday, August 25 | 6pm
First Practice | Monday, August 31
First Game | Saturday, September 19
Awards Celebration | Tuesday, November 17

Gold Star Player Nomination Form

Coach of the Year Nomination Form


Jeffrey Frame Member

"It's been fun seeing my son learn to play soccer and make new friends. Even though every kid got a trophy at the end of the season, he still cherishes that thing like it's one-of-a-kind."

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    • Bennett Traylor
    • Team Sports Coordinator
    • 850-475-3167