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Tutors for Elementary Students
Contact: Huey Pearson, 850.475.1109
Description: Volunteers meet with kids from Ferry Pass Elementary School each week on their campus to help them with basic school instruction, such as math and reading. In the process, they you are afforded the opportunity to serve as a positive example and pray for these students.
Lighthouse Ministry
Contact: Ginger Mitten, 850.475.3165
Description: These volunteers visit those who are sick and bereaved in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices or private homes. We have room for others to join us.
Flower Distributors
Contact: Kara Rebitch, 850.475.1151
Description: Every Monday ladies of the church separate Sunday’s altar flowers into individual flower arrangements, which are then delivered to church members in the hospital.

Widows Ministry

Connection Leaders

Widows who remind their group of upcoming activities and promote fellowship opportunities among their small group.

Care Coordinators

Church members who will adopt a “widow indeed”, identify her needs, and coordinate with church volunteers to make sure her needs are met.

Care Coordinator Assistant

Volunteers who will assist our Care Coordinators in taking care of our “widows indeed”.

Other Needs

Some other specific needs are:

  • Yard workers (all ages)
  • Tree removal
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Transportation

If you are interested in volunteering in Widows Ministry or would like more information, contact Ginger Leonard at 850.475.1149 or gleonard@olivebaptist.org

Ministry Teams

Olive has many different places for you to serve. The list below is just a brief overview of the various teams and areas of service available. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these teams, contact Huey Pearson at 850.475.1109 or hpearson@olivebaptist.org.

Pastoral Ministries

  • Prison Ministry Team
  • Lighthouse Ministry Team
  • Usher Team
  • Security Team
  • Medical Team
  • Traffic Team
  • Widows Indeed Care Leaders
  • Flower Ministry Team
  • Sign Language Team
  • Van Driver Ministry
  • Disaster Relief Team
  • Men’s Ministry Team
  • Women’s Ministry Team

Education Ministries

  • Sunday School Connection Groups
  • Media Library Team
  • Transportation Team (65+ Ministry)
  • Grief Support Team
  • Connection Groups & Discipleship Team
  • Worship Care Team
  • AWANA Team
  • Fusion Middle School Team
  • Rewired High School Team
  • Crossroads College/Young Adult Ministry
  • Military Ministry Team
  • Vacation Bible School

Music Ministries

  • Celebration Choir
  • Preschool through High School Choir
  • Praise Team
  • Media Ministry Team
  • Orchestra Ministry Team
  • Drama Team

Evangelism Ministries

  • Greeter Ministry Team
  • Guest Welcome Center Team
  • Encourager Team
  • Visitation Ministry Team
  • Evangelism Events
  • Mission Trip Ministry Teams
  • Divorce Recovery

Administration Ministries

  • Office Project Team
  • Assistant Support Staff Team
  • Wednesday Dinner
  • Construction, Maintenance & Grounds Ministry Team
  • Housekeeping Team
  • ROC (Recreation Outreach Center) Ministry Team

Huey Pearson, the Director of Lay Ministries office can give you additional information about any of the listed ministries to help you in finding a place of service at Olive Baptist Church. You may reach him at 850.475.1109 or hpearson@olivebaptist.org