Connection Groups

Connection Groups are high school-age Bible studies that meet on Sundays at 8:00 & 9:30am in rooms 5211, 5209, and 5207 and the Conference Room, each of which is located near Passmore Hall. Come and enjoy some morning snacks, fellowship and an awesome discussion in God’s Word.

8:00 AM

Class Name Location Leader(s)
6th - 12th Grade Room 5212 Cheryl Tidwell, Director
Mike Lawlis, Teacher


Class Name Location Leader(s)
9th Grade Passmore Hall/5209 John Davy, Director
Sara Davy
Kristin Lewis
Sandy Riddell
Jim Riddell
10th Grade Passmore Hall/5207 & 5211 Steve Townley, Director
Bobbi Lowe
Allyson Salter
Faith Gilliland
Angela Townley
Rachel Hinote
Paul Salter
Brad Hinote
11th Grade Passmore Hall (6100)

Bobby Taylor, Director
Lisa Taylor
Ginger Griffith
Dee Kelly
Heath Kelly
Charlie Griffith

12th Grade Passmore Hall/5212 Brandon Henry, Director
Keri Talley
Krista Henry
Paul Talley