Bible and Evangelistic Resources

Bible Gateway

Need to find a verse in a hurry? This is a great site to plug in verses or key words and find them anywhere in the Bible.

The Kristo

A salvation based flash program.

Probe Ministries

Got questions about what you believe or how to answer questions about your faith? This is a great site with a ton of great info on other religions and the Christian faith.

Camp and Conference Resources

Big Stuf

A resource for camps, conferences, and visual games.


The Passion conferences and resources.

Student Life

Camps, conferences, devotionals, music, and missions

Counseling Resources

24 Hour Counselor

A counseling program with resources for multiple topics that affect today's students.

XXX Church

A Christian resource for students and adults dealing with pornography.

Girls Ministry Resources

Ignite Your Faith

Hot topics, true life stories, music, magazines, and more.

Planet Wisdom

Equipping students with a biblical life view.

SAGE Ministries

This is a great site for you ladies out there! Check Girl Talk for fashion, devotionals, and all things girly!

Media reviews


Check out reviews and articles on your favorite music, TV shows, and movies.

Screen It

A site that devotes itself to reviewing movies for language, violence, sexual situations, and more.

Radio Stations

Air1 Radio

An on-line Christian radio station.

Way FM Radio

A Christian radio station.