Parents of High School Students

The Parent ministry exists to equip parents with tools and training for the purpose of discipling their students. Our desire is to support and assist families as you raise students to become passionate about Christ. Parents are offered various discipleship training opportunities throughout the year.

Student Ministry Begins at Home

Olive Student Ministries can only supplement the Christian nurture you provide as a parent. Your Godly attention to and nurture of your student far outweighs what we can provide in a few hours each week.

Model Jesus Christ in Your Life

Adults need God just as much as students, and it’s difficult to expect your student to be more involved in Christian living than you.


Please pray daily for our Student Ministry. Pray for wisdom for parents as they guide their students toward maturity. Pray also for time and energy for leaders as they prepare for classes and special events.

Get Involved

Opportunities for involvement range from a few hours occasionally to teaching, set-up, mentoring, or an occasional snack. Whatever area God has gifted you, please join in. We’ve learned that when Parents are involved so are the students. We become so busy with other areas of our life that God and Church begin to fade away. Get involved and make a difference!

Please contact Cindy Weatherall for more information.

Parent Resources

Focus On The Family
Provides parents of all ages with Biblical counseling and information for life's situations.
Screen It!
Offers movie and music reviews. This website allows the parent or guardian to know all improper or un-Biblical words and pictures of movies.
Another source for movie reviews.
Family Life
This website confronts and challenges the popular definitions of a family offered in today's culture.
Our Daily Bread
A daily devotional website.
Understanding Your Teenager
This site aids in understanding and speaking your teenager's language.
Real Families
A helpful resource to assist parents in talking to their students about current issues and relevant events.
Father's Stuff
Provides fathers the tools needed to be the spiritual leader of the family.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU)
This is a one-stop shop for anything and everything pertaining to your students and their culture. Got questions about what they are listening to, trends in their culture, or how to keep up with it all? Check this site out.
Check out reviews and articles on your favorite music, TV shows, and movies.
Online Bible providing several different translations.
Resources for those dealing with homosexuality.
Covenant Eyes
Internet Accountability.