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School of Tyrannus

The purpose of The School of Tyrannus is to teach the truths of Christianity. We primarily accomplish this by offer apologetics classes and hosting conferences. A class participant or conference attendee can expect to: 

1) Learn the truths of Christianity. 
2) Find out why the truths of Christianity are trustworthy. 
3) Discover how to explain and defend the Christian faith to others.

Furthermore, The School of Tyrannus is named after the school in which the Apostle Paul conducted his most significant teaching ministry. You can read about Paul’s teaching ministry and its impact in Acts 19:8-10; 20:27 and Ephesians 4:12. 

Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions
by Jerimiah Johnstone

Sunday Nights | October 14-November 11 | 5:30pm | Rm 4240

After receiving more than four thousand questions at his Christian Thinkers Society events over the span of six years, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston began to recognize six categories of recurring, trending questions that dominated the rest. In Unanswered, he tackles these tough issues that plague the minds of believers but are rarely addressed in church, such as...
· Why is it that God often seems to remain silent?
· How can we trust in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and what does it mean for us today?
· What do Christians need to understand about suicide and mental illness?
· How should Christians respond to spiritual darkness and the obsession with paranormal activity?
· Why is biblical illiteracy so dangerous for Christians and the church?
· Why do we experience suffering and pain?
Unanswered will leave you enriched, characterized by a thinking faith, capable to communicate confidently, and committed to escape the tendency to offer trite answers to a skeptical world.

Engaging Islam and Understanding Catholicism
Sunday Nights | November 11 - 25 | 5:30pm | Rm 4240
Wednesday Nights | November 14 & 28 | 5:30pm | Rm 4240

Dr. Don Fanning was a former career missionary to Latin America and professor at Liberty University. Now is part of a large church planting movement in Cuba. He has taught extensively on Islam and Catholicism and will be training us to reach people from those backgrounds.

Theology of Personal Evangelism
Wednesday Nights | December 5, 12 & 19 | 6:00pm | Rm 4240

This class will overview what the New Testament teaches about personal evangelism. Come see promises God provides for those who share the gospel, and discover truths that will help you overcome fear and doubt often associated with evangelizing to others. Taught by Daniel Earley.
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